SEPID NAMA (Exterior Masonry Paint)

Constructional CoatingsThis coating along with its primer is specially and designed and formulated for use on both concrete and cement surfaces. The top coat is weather proof and resistant to corrosive chemical agents.
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SEPID FAM (Interior Masonry Paint)

This protective primer is especially effective in the humid conditions of North and South Iran. It has a washable top coat and is available in a wide range of colors. What's more its odorless quality makes it suitable for a variety of applications particularly for usage in indoors such as Hospitals, Schools, Kitchensand residences Etc. Read More


Asbestos Encapsulation Top Coat

This coating is extremely strong and does not deteriorate .It isolates the surface and prevents the asbestos penetration into the air and so protects the environment from the hazardous effects of these dangerous chemicals.

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Special Coating for Pools

The excellent waterproofing quality of this product makes it ideal for coating the surfaces of Swimming pools.

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Floor Coatings

This coating protects surfaces and prevents particles of cement being dispersed into the air. It is 100% washable.

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Waterproof Sealer

Sepitak Chemicals has designed and formulated a product for application on cement and concrete surfaces.
This can be EVEN applied on damp and wet surfaces which makes them completely waterproof and preventing water penetration.

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