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Industrial Coating

Paints and coatings manufactured at Sepitak Chemicals use State of the Art Technology incorporating raw materials and Processes which guarantee the products manufactured by us are world class. Paints and Coatings manufactured at Sepitak Chemicals not only provides the protection but also enhances the beauty of the buildings and structures on which these are applied.

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Fire retardant coatings

This coating protects metal frames when exposed to fire. This protection lasts at least for two hours .Fireretardant coating is produced according to world standards. Read More

M.I.O Coating

This coating is recommended to be used in highly corrosive environments.
This coating in combination with an anti corrosion coating provides a highly resistant surface thus protecting metal structures.This product has a very good adhesion property. Read More

PVC car underbody coating

Car underbodies are constantly exposed to tough conditions. This coating has a powerful adhesive quality and protects the underbody from water , sand and other corrosive elements.

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Traffic Paint

The excellent durable and adhesive property coupled with the non blistering and non flaking property along with the availability in a wide range of colors makes it ideally suitable for use in traffic applications. Read More

Roof Coating Compound-NATARAVA

Sepitak Chemicals has revolutionized the concept of water proofing surfaces .This newly introduced product protects buildings, cement structures and other surfaces from water and its damaging effects.
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Anti Corrosion

This product is a one component coating that has excellent resistance to corrosive materials and elements prevalent in the environment. It can be applied under all conditions. It has a very long shelf life which makes it cost competitive. Read More

Metal Coating – Sepid Felez

This special coating having both the characteristics of a primer and a top coat comes in a ready to use one pack This coating which is anti abrasive has a high resistance when exposed to Chemicals salty vaporous, and tough conditions.
It has an excellent adhesion property to different surfaces. Read More

Metal Coating Top Coat

This paint is resistant to Physical factors and should be applied on GP 1210 with 40 Microns thickness. Thickness of the coating should be 40 microns under any weather conditions.

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