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Fire retardant

This special coating is formulated to protect metal and wooden structures Against fire for at least two hours.
Metal structures like frames, Structural steel, columns, need a special anti Corrosive coating.This anti corrosive painting is first applied as a Primer and than the retardant coating is applied as a top coat Fire retardant coating applied on structural works starts reacting when the Temperature reaches 220 C and the top coat initiates a foaming action when Exposed to heat.
The foam thickness would be 30/50 times more than the dry Film thickness.
When the temperature crosses 220 C, gases produced bring down The temperature in structural steel works and retards the fire.

It also prevents the generation of smoke enabling firemen to do their job Faster. This reaction is directly related to the thickness of the top Coat and gives one to two hours to the rescuers to save the lives of the people Trapped in the fire.

When exposed to fire, retardant coating expands to form a tough barrier which Fire cannot penetrate. Deprived of fuel the fire quickly dies out. It helps in preventing fires and minimizes deadly smoke production which is one of the Leading causes of fatalities in residential and commercial fire accidents.

This coating can be applied to electrical cables to prevent catching fire Thus safeguarding the structures Fire retardant coating is nothing new. However our product represents a quantum leap in terms of Quality, versatility, affordability and fire safety all in one a truly impressive fire proof product.

FireReturdant Coating

Test Standard Test result
Product code - FK 1210
Hue/color - White
Application method - Paint brush, roller and Air spry airless – two films
Dry film thickness - Depends on the thickness of steel structures
Suitable temperature for application - -5 C~ 45 C
Drying time - 40 min in 25 C
Viscosity - 0.3 x 10000¯¹ Pa.s
Density ASTM D1475 1.23 gr/cm3
Nonvolatile materials ( Weight percent) % ASTM D1644 64 ± 1
Nonvolatile materials (Volume percent)% ASTM D1644 53 ± 1
Ignition point ASTM D56 45 ± 1
Adhesion (cross cut ) ASTM D3359 4 B
Bending ASTM D1737 Mandrel 5 mm
Scratch ASTM D3363 5 H
Impulse ASTM 2794 1 kg – 0.75 m
Humidity (400 Hrs.) ASTM D4585 Resistant
Submersion in water (400 Hrs.) ASTM D870 Resistant
Salt spray (400 Hrs.) ASTM B117 Resistant
UV (400 Hrs) ASTM D4587 Resistant
Submersion in salty water 5% ( 168 Hrs.) - Resistant
Heat resistance - 2 Hrs.after fire expanding, the temperature will raise up to 550 C
Packing - 10 Kg
Storage - 1 Year–away from direct sun rays in 25 C

ASTM Standard Organization ®

Important Note

Please note that all Sepitak products are solvent free... They do not need any kind of thinner or hardener. It is recommended that no solvent should be added to our product.

Applying tools can be washed with thinner.

Fire retardant coating Coatings and Fire Retardants

The dawn of the 20th century saw man making progress in various Fields particularly in construction and industry. This was mainly due to the Development of the science of metal frame structures .Earlier to prevent damage to metal frame structures engineers used Mineral isolation which was not only very expensive but also caused weight ascension in metal structures.
Various fire retarding coatings are available which prevent the fire from spreading fast. These coatings are based on incombustible mineral materials with their consumption rate on the structure being about 200 to 800 K.G per Sq m

Fire retardant coating Coatings-Mineral

This special coating is made of glass wool along with cement and other Additives. The consumption rate is around 200-360 K.G per Sq m. Thickness required to delay the fire at least by 2 hours should be 50mm for heavy structures and 40 mm for light structures.

Fire retardant coating made of Incombustible fibers

Consumption rate for each square meter will vary from 390 to 775 K.G. This coating is made of fire retardant coating fibers, cement and other additives. These coatings are much stronger than the ones used earlier and have been specially made for the exteriors and the interiors of the structures. This coating which is in powder form is available in packets in the market. For Application it should be mixed with water and be dispersed on surfaces with special pumps.This product can also be applied with a trowel.
To retard the spreading of fire this coating

should be applied on the inside and outside of the structure, The thickness of the coating could vary from  to 33 mm depending on the characteristics of the metal structure...The desired thickness is around 50 to 60 mm.

Coating Made Of Artificial Broken Stone

This coating is made of artificial broken stones ,plaster resin and other additives. To delay fires from spreading the consumption rate would be K.G to 360 KG per Sq m and the desired thickness would be around 12 to 41 mm. The thickness of the coating varies which is dependant on the weight and shape of the structure Fire Retardant Coatings Science owes a lot to the valuable research by scientists who have come up a formulation which when coated can protect even wooden structures from fire.
Modern technology has made it possible for this coating to be applied like ordinary paint and can even be used on decorative surfaces For good results it is recommended a special kind of anti corrosion coating should also be applied.
Thickness of the coating directly depends on the design of the structure and the time required to delay the spreading of the fire.
The lighter the structure more should be the fire retarding coating that should be applied the range of application should be 50-1200 micron which again depends on the design of the structure this coating is available in two different forms Water based & Solvent based It is important to know which coating is required as the application methods are different

Water based fire retardant coating

The solid component of this coating is 50 to 52% by volume If a layer of wet film with 100 micron thickness is applied on a Surface which has been thoroughly dried, the dry film thickness would Be 50 to 54 microns The temperature should be 10 to 40 C.
While applying this coating the Temperature of the structure should not be less than 10 C However if it is lower than 10C electrical heaters should be used to warm it up. The water based fire retardant coating is very sensitive to humidity and environments temperature.
The application team should follow the guidelines given by the Manufacturer.

Solvent Based Fire Retardant Coating
Sepitak fire retardant coating

Solid component of this coating is 64%by weight Application of 100 microns thickness of wet film on a structure would Result in 64 microns of dry film thickness. The temperature should be 5 To 45 C while applying and humidity should be 40 to 75 %.This coating is less

sensitive than the water based fire retardant coating .No Damage is caused to the surface when humidity rates reaches 75%.This coating therefore can be used in all weather conditions.
The following factors have been considered while manufacturing this coating Using fire retardant coatings delays.
The spreading of fire for a period of time.
Smoke production from the fire is reduced.
Toxic gases are not produced.
Structures are protected from the flames Preparation of the metal surfaces

Steel Surfaces:
These kind of surfaces should be completely free of dust, oil or any other particles. Surfaces can be sandblasted if possible.

Galvanized Surfaces:
If the galvanized surface is new it should be washed with hot water And a detergent .If it is not new it should be just washed with hot water For calculation purposes the thickness of the galvanized structure should be deducted from the thickness of the dry film to arrive at the desired thickness of coating

Aluminum Surfaces :
These surfaces should be washed with hot water and after being dried fire retardant coating should be applied.

Wooden Surfaces :
Wooden surfaces should be free of dust, oil and any other pollutants The fire retardant coating should be directly applied on the wooden surface .In case of decorative surfaces exterior can paint be applied on it

Cement and concrete surfaces:
The surface should be completely free of any dust or oil. The fire retardant Coating should be first applied on a primer coat to reach the desired Thickness.
The dry film thickness has an inverse relationship with that of the Dimension of the metal structure Lighter the structure thicker the Application.
To get the desired thickness the coating can be applied in several layers. Thicker the application the more resistant it is to the fire.

Dry Film measurement method
Dry Film thickness can be measured with an electrical thickness gauge For each meter length, we have to consider two points for columns. For each truss we have to consider three points for each meter of external Surface and for each meter of internal surface we have to consider two points To get an exact survey we have to deduct the anti corrosion thickness from the measured thickness and than we should compare the measured points thickness with the desired thickness.
If it is 90%of the desired thickness it is acceptable.
If it is below 90% or the points of 90% are a lot .again it is acceptable.
If there are many points under 80% we have to apply fire retardant coating to obtain the desired thickness Sepitak experts will recommend the thickness necessary for each structure. Users should follow these recommendations strictly.

Chemical Reaction of Fire Retardant Coating

This coating can be applied in different colors on metal surfaces.
In case of fire when the environments tempe3rature reaches 220C the coating starts to react At 220C it creates a foam which is 30 to 50 times thicker than dry film and it will get coal form The foaming action produces gases which reduces the temperature of the structures.
This reaction reduces the smoke from the fire and makes the job of the fireman easier and faster The thickness of the dry film has a direct relation to the reaction The thicker the film more the time the firemen have to rescue the people and extinguish the fire.
This reaction lasts for about 2 hours The coating can be even used for electrical cables to prevent explosion.

Questions which may be raised by Users of this Coating: