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Metal Coating - Top Coat

This coating is designed and formulated to protect structures subjected to corrosion and abrasion. It is very effective for structures used in tough weather conditions particularly saline environment.

This has a very good adhesion property thereby providing protection against abrasion generated by external mechanical forces ensuring long life to the structure

This product has a long shelf life

The paint can be easily applied by airless methods

Test Standard Test result
Product code - FY1210
Hue/color RAL According to the customer's order
Application method - Airless
Dry film thickness - 50-60 microns
Suitable temperature for application - +5 C~ 45 C
Drying time - 40 min. in 25 C
Viscosity - 0.22 x 10000¯¹ Pa.s
Density ASTM D1475 1.13 gr/cm3
Nonvolatile materials ( Weight percent) % ASTM D1644 38.9
Ignition point ASTM D56 42 ± 1
Adhesion ASTM D3359 5H
Scratch ASTM D3363 4 H
Bending ASTM D1737 12.5 mm Mandrel , iron sheet's thickness= 3 mm
Impulse ASTM D2794 1 kg –0.75 m & iron sheet's thickness =2.5 mm
Humidity (400 Hrs.) ASTM D4585 Resistant
Submersion in water ( 400 Hrs.) ASTM D870 Resistant
Salt spray (400 Hrs.) ASTM B117 Resistant
UV (500 Hrs) ASTM D4587 Resistant
Submersion in salty water 5% ( 168 Hrs.) - Resistant
Consumption rate - 1 Kg  2~3 m2
Packing - 8 Kg
Storage - 1year away from direct sun rays in 25 C

ASTM Standard Organization ®

Important Note

Please note that all Sepitak products are solvent free .These products do not require any kind of thinner or hardener. It is recommended not to add any kind of solvents to Sepitak products

Tools used for applying can be washed with thinner