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Roof Coating compound (NATARAVA)

Water seepage in walls, balconies, swimming pools, cement surfaces in storage areas are the most frequent causes of complaints from both house owners and people working in establishments such as factories, hospitals, etc. . .
Over 60% of basements have moisture seepage in one form or another while 38% experience mold and surface growth due to increased moisture level.

How Can Water Get Through Concrete
Concrete is naturally porous and typically retains 10 to 18% of air inside it. These pores are invisible to the naked eye. Their sizes range from 3nm (millionth of a mm) to 0.1mm (The diameter of a human hair). The median is about 1 micron (1000 nm) compared to this, water molecules are 3000 times smaller which makes it leak like sieve.
Sepitak has come up with an excellent solution for isolation to keep the concrete dry and prevent its leaking. This product prevents water penetration.
Natarava is a product which has two components, one phase being solid whilst the other liquid .It is also water based. It is environmental friendly and will solve all problems regarding sealing different surfaces. It should be applied after mixing the two. Components to form a homogenous mixture.

Advantages of Natarava
Tar Water proofing is Not forever

Tar water proofing is brittle and has no "Give". It cracks as the concrete constantly shrinks and expands. Concrete is "very strongly alkaline ( PH>9).Migrating water carries dissolved alkalis to its surface and attacks by saponification not only the waterproof coating but the concrete as well.

Preparation of Natarava:

The first step is the adding of the powder phase into the liquid phase gradually .Please note that this adding should be done along with mixing. This mixing causes the molecules of powder and the liquid to absorb each other after which a homogenized viscous liquid is created. To get a good result it is better to use an electric mixer. Please note that after mixing and while the coating is being applied it is essential to mix the mixture after every twenty minutes to prevent sedimentation .The total weight of both liquid and solid phase after mixing would be 10K.G

Method of Application
First the surface should be mixed with water and dried .The painter should make sure there are no drops of oil or dust on the surface to be painted. The mixture could be applied either by a paint brush or a roller.

Consumption Rate
K.G per each Sqm for creating one film of coating 1.5~3 It is important to appreciate the actual consumption is directly proportional to the surface area.

3.2 kg – liquid phase – drum
6.8 kg – Solid phase – P.E Bags.

Roof Coating Compound:

Sepitak Chemical co has revolutionized roof coating techniques by designing and formulating a special coating to protect and waterproof surfaces .This epoch making product protects buildings, cement and other surfaces from water and its effects.

This special coating which is very easy to apply finds applications in diverse areas such as isolation of roofs, reconstruction of asphalt cracks, floors and walls of bathrooms, kitchens and pools.

This sealer has a strong adhesion property to asphalt, cement, and mosaic surfaces. The special characteristic of the Flexibility of this material makes it ideal for use in climatic conditions which are hot and cold, with having a long shelf life.

Another big advantage of the roof coating compound is that it is water based and therefore has no hazardous effects on living environment.

This product has two components .One component is its liquid phase which is packed in plastic buckets, while the other the solid one which is in powder form is packed in polythene bags.

Pour the powder inside the bucket step by step and stir it. Please note that while pouring it should be continuously stirred to ensure all molecules of powder and the liquid mix completely and absorption is complete .Keep mixing to get a homogenized and condensed mixture .It is recommended a stirrer be used to get a homogenized mixture. .It is also recommended the mixture be stirred every 20 minutes to avoid sedimentation.

Application Method:
The Surface should be cleaned with water and dried thoroughly .Care should taken to ensure the surface to be treated is free of Oily matter and dust. Apply this paint with a brush or a roller .Under normal condition the surface should be ready for use within seven days from the date of completion of painting.

Roof Coating Compound
This sealer has a powerful adhesion property to asphalt, cement and mosaic surfaces Flexibility of this material in both hot and cold climatic conditions is another special property which provides long shelf life. It is water based and therefore has no hazardous effects on living environment. It has two components .One component is its liquid base, which is packed in plastic buckets, while the other the solid phase which is in powder form is packed in polythene bags.


Test Standard Test result
Product code - RR 1210 , RR 1212
Hue/color - Gray
Application method - Paint brush, roller and airless
Dry film thickness - 2-3 mm
Suitable temperature for application - + 5 C~ 35 C
Drying time - 30 min in 25 C
Viscosity - 0.50 x 10000¯¹ Pa.s
Density ASTM D1475 1.69 gr/cm3
Nonvolatile materials ( Weight percent) % ASTM D1644 85
Nonvolatile materials ( Volume percent)% - 44
Ignition point ASTM D56 44 ± 1
Adhesion (cross cut ) ASTM D3359 5 B
Scratch ASTM D3363 5 H
Humidity (400 Hrs.) ASTM D4585 Resistant
Salt spray (400 Hrs.) ASTM B117 Resistant
UV (500 Hrs) ASTM D4587 Resistant
Submersion in salty water 5% ( 168 Hrs.) - Resistant
Consumption rate - 1 Kg => 4 m2
Water absorption - After 2 hrs. submersion = 0.005 gr/m2 After 48 hrs. submersion = 0.09 gr/m2
Chilling resistance - In –20 C for 24 hrs. no changes seen on the surface
Packing - 3.2 Kg – Liquid phase
6.8 Kg – Solid phase
Storage - 1year away from direct sun rays in 25 C

ASTM Standard Organization ®

Important Note

Please do not add any water.

Tools used for applying can be washed with water.